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We are a group of professionals with decades of experience in logistics and supply chain, IT, IoT & Telematics. In a short period of time, we have successfully deployed customized solutions in several leading mid and large-sized enterprises in India.

Our innovative asset management solutions enable clients to effectively monitor vehicles and assets, manage schedules and improve operational efficiency, resulting in cost savings and customer satisfaction.

Our PAAS (Platform as a Service) for fleet, cargo and asset management is powered by cutting edge IoT and internet-based technologies to help digitize and automate asset/fleet and logistics processes to a new, leaner level.

We at pariskq aim to become the leading solutions provider for any logistics ecosystem and its stakeholders by leveraging the latest and cutting-edge technologies. We commit to deliver advanced solutions combining Telematics, IoT and emerging technologies that help manage diverse assets leading to improved efficiency and performance

Industry at a Glance

The Indian logistics sector is largely fragmented and not guided by standard industry practices. Businesses in the space are yet to embrace advanced IT solutions and do not use sophisticated tools and options such as IT based fleet/ asset monitoring or data analytics. The domain is by and large competitive and the margins are not standardised whereby technology is often perceived as an additional expense and not as an enabler.

Need for Digitization

With enterprises becoming more aware about asset utilization, fuel consumption, on-time deliveries and on-road safety there is an increasing need for organized practices and usage of emerging Telematics and IoT technologies in the industry.

Trends & opportunities

IoT and Intelligent asset monitoring is empowering a new paradigm shift in logistics leading to a visible transformation through digitization. This positive trend has resulted in tremendous opportunities for services providers to innovate solutions that enable automation and achieve excellence

Our Solutions

Our suite of solutions include GoodsMover Fleet and GoodsMover Enterprise, both delivered as PaaS (Platform as a Service) to enable enterprises effectively monitor assets (vehicles cargo), manage schedules, ensure safety compliance and improve efficiency across logistics operations, with substantial savings in cost and improved customer satisfaction.

Having made deep inroads into the automotive segment, we are engaged in unique pilot projects for segments such as waste management, project cargo and cold chain.

We work closely with several reputed consultants and companies leveraging their expertise to offer customers smart solutions for logistics management, using industry leading GPS and BLEdevices. We are always on the lookout to partner with device/ product companies to puttogether innovative solutions for the marketplace

Key benefits

Integrated platform that spans the entire logistics chain.

Manage in-bound, in-plant and out-bound logistics operations.

Seamless integration of various devices and stakeholders.

Effective monitoring and valuable insights into the logistics ecosystem.

Improved fleet utilization and productivity.

Is a simple, reliable, scalable and affordable fleet management platform ideal for companies with a few or a fleet of trucks of various capacities, looking to boost efficiency with unique set of features, including tracking, vehicle management and driver behaviour management.

The platform uses GPS-based tracking devices and allied sensors to enable fleet managers to monitor vehicles 24x7 and initiate alerts on actions such as over speeding, unscheduled stops and delays, rash driving, harsh braking, deviations from predefined routes, fuel pilferage, temperature variations in cargo containers and more. Fleet managers can also gather insights on vehicle usage and take any preventive measures to improve fleet efficiency and profit.

Key Features and Benefits

  a. Track and Trace:Monitor your fleet 24/7
  b. Go Mobile:Easy to use Mobile apps
  c. Sensors:Capability to add & monitor Fuel,Temperature & CAN data
  d. Alerting:Customized alerts for events and incidents
  e. Reports :Customized reporting for insights and decision making

A robust and scalable IoT enabled platform, best suited for large enterprises such as manufacturing plants, distributors, and 3rd or 4th party logistics companies, who aspire to improve efficiency, visibility, traceability, predictability and interoperability within their logistics value chain.

This platform helps manage large logistics operations involving multiple vendors, fleet owners, warehouses, partners or suppliers, each of whom would have their own ERP, Fleet or Asset Management platforms and various devices for monitoring and managing assets.

Key Features and Benefits

  a. Integration: Integrate any IoT device or ERP data
  b. Customization: Customize platform to suit your logistics eco-system
  c. Schedule: Automate and Schedule logistics tasks
  d. Dashboards: Custom built reports for operational insights
  e. Analytics: Performance & efficiency based & real-time analytics

Use Cases

We provide solutions specific to your industry

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